Tropical Luxe Style

Tropical Luxe – A well designed interior should always conjure a sense of place. While Puerto Vallarta is in Mexico, it is also in a veritable tropical paradise, a geographical good fortune it shares with paradisical destinations in other parts of the world. Bali, for instance. And because the Balinese look has essentially reached lifestyle status, it is both transportable and transcendental. Its use of dark woods and warm muted colors, low-slung loungy furniture, rich colorful fabrics and iconic religious objet’s d’art, all add up to more than just décor. And here in Vallarta, it is a perfect fit. Throw in a smattering of ornate Oriental screens crafted by local artisans, rich Oriental carpets, organic wooden slabs with modern sculptural bases, moody capiz lighting, silk-upholstered walls, and lots of indoor and outdoor tropical foliage, and this humble island vernacular soars to heights of elegant luxury. In our hands, your Mexican home is transformed into your very own luxury destination.