Beach Luxe Style

Beach Luxe – No other style gives a more accurate sense of place in what is after all oceanside living. Relax in a slip covered sofa, prop your feet up on a weather beaten recycled wooden coffee table, and enjoy the sea breeze blow through your gauze draped doorways. What other design scenario best conjures and captures Vallarta living? And we at GD Vallarta Interiors know not only what it takes to pull this look together but also ensure that your investment withstands the damaging effects of saltwater air. We use only weather resistant fabrics and non-corroding materials for waterfront residences. We have also developed our own signature driftwood finish to round off that weather-beaten look. Multi colored glass, bright colored accents, and low maintenance rugs complete this style, ultimately providing the perfect backdrop for the star of the show – the ocean right outside your door.